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Reinforced Sleeve Stitching On Lab Coats

In the medical setting, lab coats must fit the varied needs of the wearer. Physicians and clinicians must be able to move around freely, keep from gettingĀ overheated, and roll their sleeves up to do work if necessary.

However if the lab coat in question has stitching of poor quality, you might find that your lab coat does not live up to your expectations. In some cases, it might fall apart altogether – particularly the lab coat sleeves, which are rolled up the arm regularly in medical settings.

Medelita lab coats have double reinforced stitching on all seams, including the sleeves. This seemingly unimportant detail is actually a major indicator of how much usage you will get out of your coat and how it performs while you’re at work.


You can see the difference in stitching quality just from this iPhone picture. The cuff of the sleeve has been tucked in and stitched up, meaning you can roll the sleeves of your lab coat with ease – no more worrying about your lab coat falling apart with wear!