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Men’s Scrubs Pants With A Relaxed Fit

Scrubs are pretty comfortable when you think about it, at least compared to the stiff suits and neckties that professionals must wear in so many other industries. Anything with a drawstring or elastic waistband tends to be pretty comfortable, but these scrubs pants for men have been highly rated by almost every single purchaser.

The Modern Fit Men’s Scrubs Pants have a dual elastic/drawstring waistband, ensuring that they are neither too tight or too loose, but just right. They also come with a built-in fly zipper, an ideal feature for anyone under a time crunch.

The material is much softer than what you’ve probably come to expect from your scrubs. The inside of the material feels about as soft as flannel PJ pants, rather than the scratchy thin fabric that you’ll find in cheaper scrubs.

A lot of men seem to have appreciation for the fit, which is where these scrubs pants truly stand out. With the perfect length and cut, the fit actually resemble a pair of chinos or nice pants more than a pair of slouchy sweats.

Check out these amazing scrubs pants for men here, and don’t take my word for it – check out the reviews at the bottom of the page.

Drawstrings On Scrubs Are A Problem

One of the most common complaints about why scrubs don’t fit well is poor drawstrings. Most scrubs pants don’t have a happy medium: they either have an elastic waistband, or there is a shoelace-like drawstring.

These options aren’t great. At best, they keep your scrubs pants from falling down your hips, and at worst they don’t even do that! Moreover, when scrubs are made cheaply like this, they just don’t fit well and probably aren’t very flattering or professional looking.

Fortunately, this brand of scrubs has come up with a drawstring-elastic band combo that is perfect because it allows you to adjust the tightness of your waistband if necessary, but you can also just tie the drawstring without cinching it tighter if you are a bit small and between sizes.

Best Scrubs For Men

The best part is that the drawstrings are double looped. Meaning you can rest assured that you won’t have to fish out the end of your drawstring with a wire hanger after it gets sucked into the hole of your drawstring band. And for men there is even a zipper option so that they are more like regular pants than prison jumpsuits!

Scrubs For Comfortable Travel Attire

Scrubs On A Plane

One of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions was to travel more, and I’m happy to say that I certainly have. Traveling is one of the most eye-opening and amazing experiences a person can have, and I absolutely love it – but every single time I undergo the 12+ hour flights and insanely long passport control lines, I find myself wondering “Is it worth this insanity??”

Of course this sentiment doesn’t last long. It usually dissipates as soon as I leave the airport, but even if you’re just taking a one or two hour flight somewhere, the process of traveling is exhausting. It’s dehydrating, gives you jet lag, and unless you’re flying first class, it’s basically impossible to get comfortable in those frumpy seats.

To solve the “comfort” dilemma of traveling, I recently wore my softest scrubs pants in lieu of jeans or leggings (if I bend my legs for any extended period of time, they ALWAYS cut off my legs circulation). I didn’t go so far as to wear a matching scrubs top because I’m not a doctor, and I didn’t want people mistakenly asking me for medical advice or in case of a medical emergency, but a simple white tee shirt goes with everything.

I also didn’t have to worry about getting strange looks because these scrubs pants basically fit like a loose pair of comfy pants, rather than looking like the glorified pajamas you so often see in hospitals. Moral of the story? I highly recommend traveling in soft and comfortable scrubs. It will make your travel SO much easier!!

Back Scrubs Pants Pockets

Love It Or Leave It: Back Pockets On Scrubs

The perfect scrub for you probably depends on your specialty and medical profession. Nurses have different requirements from their workwear than physicians in the same field, and certain specialties have stricter requirements for what is needed in terms of their uniforms.

These differences can most commonly been seen with pockets.

Every medical professional in every specialty requires pockets to hold medical instruments and general “stuff”, but exactly how many pockets and where they are placed on the scrubs really depends on the field you’re working in. It’s likely that you’re going to run into some scrubs that don’t fit your pocket needs before you find your ideal set of scrubs with perfectly placed pockets.

One pocket feature that has been adapted into nearly every type of scrubs pants, however, is the rear pocket. If you are a medical professional who doesn’t use this back pocket, you might feel that this feature, though meant to be helpful, actually is unflattering for your bottom. But some medical professionals in certain specialties swear by these back pockets, and say they use them all the time.

What are your thoughts about rear pockets on scrubs pants? Do you use your pockets every day or at least occasionally? Or is this a feature you’d prefer not to have on your scrubs pants? Comment and let us know!

Scrub Pants Elastic Waistband

Non-Latex Elastic Waistbands For Scrubs

You’ll be happy to hear that your scrub pants no longer need to be either:

  1. Falling around your hips and butt so that you constantly have to pull them up
  2. Cinched awkwardly and uncomfortably around your waist

Modern Fit Scrubs

Medelita has re-designed scrub pants with their customers in mind. The waistband of the scrub pants has two parts: an elastic back (made with non-latex rubber so as to not trigger any latex allergies) and a drawstring tie. This dual waistband is perfect because the drawstring allows you to tighten the waist, while the elastic allows enough give for the pants to stay extremely comfortable.

These scrubs are extremely soft, durable, and come in a variety of colors that are popular among all medical professionals. Because of the fabric finish and updated cut, Medelita scrubs are definitely the best on the market for looking professional, but they’re also impossible to beat in terms of functional features. Don’t forget, they also come in styles for both men and women!


What’s The Ideal Fit For Women’s Scrub Pants?

Like all medical uniforms, scrubs serve a specific purpose. Not only do they differentiate medical staff for patients to easily recognize them, but scrubs must be functional enough to hold up in a fast-paced, high-stress work environment.

That being said, the perfect scrubs pants should indeed be functional, but it should also be flattering. Women in medicine have been subjected to enough boxy, unisex scrubs that make them look like they’re wearing pajamas. What is the solution for the perfect fit?

Most women don’t want their pants to be too form-fitting, but not too loose either. An ideal fit for most women is scrubs pants that are fitted at the hips and butt, and then tapered down the rest of the leg.

As for length, longer is usually better – you can always roll up the cuff of your pants but if your scrubs are too short to cover your ankle, you run the risk of spilling dangerous chemicals on yourself. Pants should cover the top of the shoes and the ankle entirely.

Scrubs pants should be professional while still showing that the person wearing them is a woman. Gone are the days of boxy scrubs that resemble glorified pajamas. Today, there are a number of options for you to shop for cute and flattering scrubs!