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Green Scrubs

Green Scrubs, Light green, Leaf color scrubs, Khaki scrubs – these are all popular choices, in fact many hospitals and medical offices use it as standard uniform color and the demand for quality green scrubs is high. Not every scrub is created equal and general rule “you get what you pay for” applies to most products that we have tested. If you are a medical professional who is tired of throwing away money on cheap scrubs, we recommend Medelita Brand, known for it’s leadership in innovation, design and quality standards. Most online retailers selling 3rd party products only offer 30-60 day returns and limited warranty, requiring customer deal with manufacturer rather than the seller. What makes Medelita different is that not only they offer 180 day returns and 1 year warranty on all their products, they also have the best customer service to back up the policy. You can print your own return label off their website and send a product back for an exchange or a full refund – no questions asked. Free shipping, free returns, great in house embroidery service and much more.

Review of Green Scrubs:

  • “I work in the ER and these are the only scrubs I wear. I am petite and have a hard time finding clothes that fit but these are just perfect. I really like their light green scrubs but i have every color and just rotate daily!” – Jen, MD
  • “Thanks for such great service and products! I constantly receive compliments on my scrubs AND I am comfortable in them.┬áLove the contoured shape of the top unlike regular scrubs which are box-like. Much more flattering”.- Amy PA-C