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Fifty Shades Of White

OK, so this post is not actually going to go over 50 different shades of white, though we easily could. Not all shades of white are created equal, so you’ve probably experienced buying a white shirt at one store that is a different shade of white as a white shirt from a different brand.

Strictly speaking, a shade of white is defined as a neutral gray, but shades can range from pure white to different hues of off-white.


Pure White

The purest shade of white is achromatic, meaning that all the red, green, and blue tones are exactly equal, resulting in a perfect white. This is the starting point of all achromatic (off-white) shades.

Here are some of the most well-known shades of white:

  • Ghost white: white with a blue hue
  • White smoke: white with a grey hue
  • Baby powder: white with a pink tone
  • Ivory: white with a yellow tone
  • Linen: white with an orange tone

Why does this matter?

Medelita Lab Coats

The shade of your lab coat should be as close to pure white as possible, so that the bright color is not diluted by a sallow or blueish tone. Not only are all these shades of off-white not particularly flattering on every skin tone, they also don’t look that professional on a lab coat that is supposed to represent cleanliness and purity.

Professional Women Lab Coat

With Or Without Your Lab Coat [Guest Post]

daniela stein

Dr. Daniela Steyn (MBChB, CCFP) is a Family Physician in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She lives her passion for fashion by styling other physicians with comfort, care and class.  She learned more about styling through the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

As physicians we prefer to see the evidence first, then act accordingly. On the topic of “With or Without the White Lab Coat”, the results seem to be out. I have been fortunate to have worked with Medical Professionals who take pride in their work as well as in their polished, professional appearance, denoting respect for their colleagues and patients. As physicians we are often tempted to brush off our appearance as less important, stating that we don’t care, focusing on our patients and not on ourselves.  Truth is, we do care, and our patients care, even if they don’t consciously know it.

I recently read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal motivating the case for dressing up.  This would present differently in different settings.  Although we tend to think we understand and appreciate our patient population’s background and values, we can not possibly anticipate and predict every single patient encounter every day: what the patient’s perceptions of our skills are, his/her (or the family’s) subconscious judgement of our skill, and how our appearance influence those perceptions.

In a study published in 2015 in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, results suggested that people engage in higher levels of abstract thinking when they dress up, compared with when they dress casually.  In their study, Rehman et al enrolled over 400 individuals looking at the effect of physician attire on the trust and confidence of patients. This cross-sectional descriptive study using survey methodology was conducted of patients and visitors in the waiting room of an internal medicine outpatient clinic. Respondents completed a written survey after reviewing pictures of physicians in four different dress styles. Respondents were asked questions related to their preference for physician dress as well as their trust and willingness to discuss sensitive issues. “Respondents overwhelmingly favor physicians in professional attire with a white coat. Wearing professional dress (i.e., a white coat with more formal attire) while providing patient care by physicians may favorably influence trust and confidence-building in the medical encounter.”

To me getting dressed is often the highlight of my day, to the physicians I assist in styling, not so much.  They would often leave the house in the early morning before sunrise only to return after dark. How they would present in a family conference 10 hours later is likely the furthest thing from their mind when they leave home.  This is where a well tailored white coat, preferably with your name and credentials embroidered in, could be a big help.  See Medelita.


Specifically addressing attire and patients’ family preference for lab coats, a study was done in ICU in Calgary, Alberta (Canada).  In their study Au, Khandwala, and Stelfox found that the majority of respondents indicated that it was important for physicians to be neatly groomed, be professionally dressed, and wear visible name tags, but not necessarily a white coat. Despite these self-reported preferences, when patients’ families selected their preferred physician from a panel of photographs, respondents strongly favored physicians wearing traditional attire with the white coat. Traditional attire was associated with perceptions of knowledge, honesty, and providing best overall care. Physicians wearing scrubs were a second choice among participants and were perceived to be caring and competent to perform a lifesaving procedure.

Making the effort to dress professionally denotes respect for those you serve, and respect is of the utmost importance in doctor-patient relationships.  (bmj.com) Since physician attire is such an easily modifiable factor that has been demonstrated to influence the patient-physician relationship, I find it encouraging that so many physicians start to recognize the importance of their professional image, and prioritize it.

This article republished from Medelita.com.

Visit Daniela’s website at http://www.stylingmd.com/.


Lab Coats on Hangers

What Does Bacteriostatic Lab Coat Fabric Mean?

The medical apparel industry is awash in a sea of performance fabrics, each one touting different technological features and benefits for the wearer. Some of the terminology can be a bit confusing, so we’re here to break it down for you.

Medelita lab coats are made of a proprietary performance lab coat fabric called M3. This fabric is loaded with technological features that are embedded into the fibers of the fabric itself, meaning these features won’t wash out when you launder your garment. Among the many features that make this fabric amazing, bacteriostatic is one feature that we can explain to you.

Bacteriostatic Performance Fabric

Quite simply, throughout the day you and every other person on the planet are constantly shedding skin cells. These dead skin cells most often get trapped in the fabric of whatever your wearing, along with any bacteria that’s going along for the ride. By creating a surface that is nearly impossible for dead skin cells to cling to, bacteriostatic fabric prevents odors from trapping in the garment & virtually neutralizes order-causing bacteria.

Medelita Laennec Lab Coat

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that you can wear your lab coat freely without fear of lingering body odor. So put on that white coat and show off your professional look!

Top Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands For Professionals

In honor of Earth Day, today we will be sharing some of the best companies for eco-friendly clothing. After all, one person can make a huge difference just by making conscientious decisions in their behavior to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Below are our top brands that make their clothing with eco-friendly practices:

For your activewear…

Patagonia was a pioneer in the activewear industry for using organic cotton and recycled materials to produce their clothes. They are also committed to labor ethics, as they only work with Fair Trade Certified factories for their products.


For your casual weekend style…

Shift To Nature is an apparel company that produces high-quality, luxurious basics made with certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable textiles. Shop without guilt for leggings, shift dresses, and basic tees.

Eco Friendly Tee

For your lingerie…

Naja is a luxury lingerie brand whose collections include undergarments that are hand-sewn by single mothers in Colombia through their Underwear for Hope initiative. The brand’s innovation is impressive, as their line of eco-friendly bras are crafted with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Naja Eco Friendly Bustier

For your medical uniforms…

Medelita lab coats are made with a proprietary M3 fabric that is loaded with technological performance features to keep you comfortable, stain-free, and professional looking. This lab coat fabric is environmentally friendly, as it has C6-based sustainable PFOA-free repellence protection.

Medelita Lab Coats

For your luxe footwear…

Colico specializes in creating high quality, luxury shoes and sandals. They source their leathers and materials from small vendors who are local to their family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. Cork and wood accents in their footwear are always made from recycled materials.

Colico Eco Friendly Shoes


007: Lab Coats For Leading Physicians

It shouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that many male physicians have thought about how cool it would be to star in the next James Bond film at one point in their life or another – and why shouldn’t they?

James Bond is a peerless spy, a masculine icon and one of the coolest characters ever constructed. While male physicians may not be international spies, they are, in fact, leading men. So why don’t they dress the part, especially when they can?

Many traditional male lab coats are designed not for comfort or style, but strictly for function. While that might be ok for some, there are several practicing physicians who would appreciate a little more than just the basics, and a little more than an average lab coat.

Medelita designs all of their male lab coats with notched lapels that give each of them an advanced and sophisticated aesthetic. For those who are unfamiliar with notched lapels, it is the same type of lapel that James Bond has worn to seven different dinner parties amongst several of his films.

Of course, 007 is a fictional character, but his iconic role has influenced men’s fashion and the idea of how leading men should dress.

Medelita has four male lab coats and each of them, while unique in their own way, resemble aspects of the classic, sophisticated James Bond look:


The M3 LAENNEC CLASSIC FIT LAB COAT is a traditional, yet contemporary coat that most resembles a professional blazer or tailored suit jacket.


The M3 H.W. CUSHING SLIM FIT LAB COAT has a welt pocket construction and its on-trend tailoring complements the masterful craftsmanship.

j hunter smolder

The M3 J. HUNTER KNOT BUTTON LAB COAT has handsome knot buttons and a back waist belt that evokes a men’s trench coat.

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

Finally, the M3 E. WILSON SLIM FIT LAB COAT looks like a tailored suit with double back vents and slim fit silhouette.

Each of these lab coats are carefully constructed to make physicians stand out the way Vesper Lynd advised 007 in Casino Royale when she said:

“There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table.”

A Uniform Look For Physicians In Groups

Effective healthcare is the result of teamwork. There are dozens of people involved with every health outcome, and groups of physicians, clinicians, nurses, and administrators must work together to get to that point.

This large number of people involved with each case that comes into the hospital can result in some confusion for patients who are unsure who plays what role in the healthcare process. That’s why many hospitals have been opting to re-brand the professional look of their physicians by purchasing high-quality, distinguished uniforms for each of them.

The benefits of making a large group purchase instead of letting each physician choose their own lab coat and scrubs include group discounts, starting at 10% off, and ease of ordering for the hospitals themselves.


Another benefit is the uniform look that all your physicians will have after upgrading their lab coats. They will present a united front ready to tackle healthcare challenges, while custom embroidery still makes it easy for patients to differentiate between the different roles of staff members.

These large group orders are also beneficial to employee morale, as your physicians will feel appreciated and happy – therefore able to perform better and boosting positive interactions all around!

Reinforced Sleeve Stitching On Lab Coats

In the medical setting, lab coats must fit the varied needs of the wearer. Physicians and clinicians must be able to move around freely, keep from getting overheated, and roll their sleeves up to do work if necessary.

However if the lab coat in question has stitching of poor quality, you might find that your lab coat does not live up to your expectations. In some cases, it might fall apart altogether – particularly the lab coat sleeves, which are rolled up the arm regularly in medical settings.

Medelita lab coats have double reinforced stitching on all seams, including the sleeves. This seemingly unimportant detail is actually a major indicator of how much usage you will get out of your coat and how it performs while you’re at work.


You can see the difference in stitching quality just from this iPhone picture. The cuff of the sleeve has been tucked in and stitched up, meaning you can roll the sleeves of your lab coat with ease – no more worrying about your lab coat falling apart with wear!

Lab Coat Feature: Medelita E. Wilson Slim Fit

The J. Hunter lab coat from medical apparel company Medelita is perfect for the male physician who wants to appear professional, but still stand out as being noticeably well-dressed. The design details on this coat are impeccable and fashion forward, yet truly functional and comfortable.

Slim Fit

This lab coat is ergonomically designed to allow easy movement while still being flattering for the wearer. The slim fit resembles European blazer styles, giving it the look of a fine suit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.34.36 PM

Notched Lapels

The drape of the E. Wilson neckline sits comfortably on your shoulders and gives you a large range of motion. The notched lapels are stylish and high up on the lapel, creating an elongated frame.

Double Back Vents

Since the E. Wilson lab coat falls to the knees, the side-by-side double back vents allows you to walk with ease instead of having the lab coat fabric flapping around your legs.


Professional Doctor White Coat

Choosing A Lab Coat Embroidery Font

The best accessory to wear with your medical uniform is custom embroidery, which you can get sewn onto your lab coat or scrubs. This proud display of your name, title, and logo is a great way to distinguish yourself to your patients and colleagues.

Choose an embroidery font that is going to stand out from your garment and be easy to read for your patients: for example, if you are a pediatrician you might want to avoid a script font that older children will not be able to make out.

However, the font of your embroidered name and title is a matter of personal preference. While block fonts are crisp and professional, the script fonts are also very flattering and give a specialized look to your work wardrobe.


Lab Coat Style: Belted Waistbands

Women in medicine have very few ways to show off your personal style at work. Sure, you can get creative with accessories (as long as they don’t get in the way of your work!) or wear brightly patterned scrubs, but what should you do if you want to appear stylish yet elegant and professional?

Medelita was the first company to ever introduce a lab coat just for women, and they’ve continued to raise the bar with their elevated styles and graceful tailoring. One of their signature feminine details on women’s styles of lab coats is the belted waistband, which first appeared on the Callia Classic Fit Coat.

A double-button contoured waistband lends itself to a fitted and confident look for the workplace.

A double-button contoured waistband lends itself to a fitted and confident look for the workplace.

The belted waistband feature can also be seen in a shorter version of this coat: the Ellody Petite Fit Coat. In this style, the back belt is very slimming and graceful. Having a lab coat that nips in slightly at the waist is a subtle way to show off your femininity in the workplace while remaining fully professional and confident.

The first true petite lab coat for women, the Ellody back waistband elongates a woman's silhouette.

The first true petite lab coat for women, the Ellody back waistband elongates a woman’s silhouette.

The best part about these styles of lab coat is that they are feminine yet professional, not at all overdone. The overall effect is an image of understated, tasteful elegance that is classic and beautifully professional.