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Jockey Scrubs

Jockey Scrubs. Another one of our favorite brands. New, contemporary, stylish, high performance, sporty, comfy, very comfy. Jockey is great for nurses, all scrubs have lots of pockets, big pockets, small pockets, zipper pockets, you name it. If you are new to Jockey, check out some of their best sellers here. If you are already a fan, many familiar styles are now available in new colors and prints. Blue glass and Plum glass prints are especially popular in dental offices, whereas classy v-necks in solid colors are a top pick for big group orders from hospitals and medical offices. Jockey scrubs are vivid, (and rich in color variations) with every size option available which is another reason why customer love this brand.

Take a look at some of the reviews of Jockey Scrubs taken from Medelita Marketplace. 

  • “I love these Jockey Scrubs! Thank you Medelita for offering great products for nurses.” – Lisa, Nurse
  • “Best Scrubs i have ever owned. I get compliments everyday that I wear them.” – Brenda, Nurse.