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Grey Scrubs

Grey is our new favorite scrub color. It’s not easy to find but luckily there’s one company that manufactures quality grey scrubs for physicians, clinicians, dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals. It’s called Medelita. Their scrubs are knows for exceptional fabric, innovative technology, gender specific true sizing and superior fit. Designed to project professional image and impress both colleagues and patients.  You can read more about the quality and other features that distinguish Medelia brand from it’s competitors.

Reviews of the Grey Scrubs taken from Medelita website:

  • “I am an emergency room physician and am in my scrubs over 12 hours each shift. These scrubs are very comfortable. I am never conscious of the fit of these scrubs throughout the day, which I guess, is a good thing. The pockets are great and the zip fly is nice. Would definitely recommend these scrubs.” – Andrew, MD
  • “What I really love, are the good, deep scrub pant pockets.Finally I no longer need to juggle million things in my hands. And even though I may have an average build, I actually don’t look like a fire plug when wearing them.These are well worth the extra money compared to cheap, disposable fabric scrubs i bought from others.” – Steve, PA