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This Lab Coat For Women Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Article Of Clothing

What capes are to superheroes, is what the lab coat is to physicians. You want a white coat that is a reflection of you, that shows your colleagues and patients that you take yourself seriously. It’s more than just a piece of clothing – it’s a symbol of what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

Right now we’re loving the Rosalyn Lab Coat and the Vera G. lab coat, both from scrubs and lab coats company Medelita, as our top picks for modern professional style…in lab coat form!

Rosalyn Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

This is a very new style, just released last month, and you can tell just by looking at it that it is finely tailored down to the clean finish neckline. They also added a new feature, bracelet-length sleeves with buttons so you can roll the sleeves up to your elbow, for improved functionality. This is the most fitted women’s lab coat that Medelita makes, but the improved sizing and tailoring keeps in flattering and professional. Check out the Rosalyn Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

slim fit lab coat for women roll up sleeves lab coat

Vera G. Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

The Vera G. is an old favorite of ours, and it continues to be one of Medelita’s most popular coats. Since its initial release a few years ago they’ve made some upgrades to the style. But the envelope collar of this lab coat is what really made us fall in love, and the little details are what makes all the difference. Check out the Vera G. Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

vera slim fit lab coat for women

vera_lab coat_detail2

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Fitted Lab Coats: What To Look For

Many doctors and medical professionals these days are turning their backs to the standard-issue one-size-fits-all unisex lab coats of the past, instead opting for styled, tailored, high quality white coats that speak to their high levels of professionalism. Choosing a lab coat that fits you well and looks sharp and polished is always a good move for a physician who is upgrading their professional appearance.

Because like it or not, the way you visually present yourself to the world does matter. It doesn’t make you vain or frivolous, it makes you smart. Studies have shown that patients definitely do notice what their physicians wear, and doctors who wear professional-looking white lab coats frequently cite higher patient satisfaction scores.

Men's Fitted Lab Coat

So if you’re shopping for your first professional, fitted white lab coat, here are some guidelines so you know what to look for:


A high quality lab coat starts with the raw materials. If the fabric used to make it is poor quality, chances are the construction of the coat will be as well, and it is likely that the lab coat won’t make it past a few washes in the laundry before falling apart at the seams.

Look for performance fabrics that breathe and repel stains, with a bright white finish.

Fit and Design

This is probably common sense, but a unisex lab coat is not going to look good on anyone. The brand of fitted lab coat that you find should have separate styles available for men and women, because there are definite differences in proportion and design between the two sexes. The more styles there are available for either gender, the better, because you can bet that a lab coat company with many different styles is putting a heck of a lot of thought into every new style they introduce.


Small, medium, and large might suffice for scrubs sizes, but if you can, try to find a brand of lab coats that offers blazer-style sizing. If you want your fitted lab coat to fit like a nice suit or jacket, you need this level of detail to sizes so that you look as professional as possible.

This fitted lab coats company offers men’s lab coats in blazer sizes (38, 40, 42, etc) and women’s lab coats in dress sizes (0, 2, 4, etc)

Slim Fit or Classic Fit?

This depends on your personal style. A company that offers these options is going to be paying a lot of attention to how their designs fit the wearer, so you can’t go wrong either way if you’re looking for a fitted lab coat. Generally, slim fit tends to be more contemporary looking while classic fit is a bit more traditional and not quite as close fitting to the body.

Women's Fitted Lab Coat