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Eco Friendly Fabric

No Surprise Here: Bamboo Is The Most Eco-Friendly Fabric In The World

Climate change is upon us, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to reduce our carbon footprint. Reusable shopping bags, not using disposable paper plates and cutlery, biking or walking short distances instead of driving – these are all great ways to be a little nicer to our earth.

But did you know you can also make an environmental difference with your clothing?

Cotton and other fabrics aren’t necessarily bad for the environment – they are biodegradable and will break down over time. But it turns out that clothing made of bamboo fabrics are actually the most environmentally friendly in the world. That’s because it’s generally grown with almost no chemical inputs (think pesticides).

Hemp, cotton, and silk are all also relatively eco-friendly since they are biodegradable and made of natural fibers as well. The main difference is that in some cases, there are more chemicals used to convert the raw material into fibers to crate fabric.

Top Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands For Professionals

In honor of Earth Day, today we will be sharing some of the best companies for eco-friendly clothing. After all, one person can make a huge difference just by making conscientious decisions in their behavior to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Below are our top brands that make their clothing with eco-friendly practices:

For your activewear…

Patagonia was a pioneer in the activewear industry for using organic cotton and recycled materials to produce their clothes. They are also committed to labor ethics, as they only work with Fair Trade Certified factories for their products.


For your casual weekend style…

Shift To Nature is an apparel company that produces high-quality, luxurious basics made with certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable textiles. Shop without guilt for leggings, shift dresses, and basic tees.

Eco Friendly Tee

For your lingerie…

Naja is a luxury lingerie brand whose collections include undergarments that are hand-sewn by single mothers in Colombia through their Underwear for Hope initiative. The brand’s innovation is impressive, as their line of eco-friendly bras are crafted with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Naja Eco Friendly Bustier

For your medical uniforms…

Medelita lab coats are made with a proprietary M3 fabric that is loaded with technological performance features to keep you comfortable, stain-free, and professional looking. This lab coat fabric is environmentally friendly, as it has C6-based sustainable PFOA-free repellence protection.

Medelita Lab Coats

For your luxe footwear…

Colico specializes in creating high quality, luxury shoes and sandals. They source their leathers and materials from small vendors who are local to their family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. Cork and wood accents in their footwear are always made from recycled materials.

Colico Eco Friendly Shoes