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Why Nurses And Doctors Need Shoes With Arch Support

Let me preface this by saying, I’m not a doctor or a nurse. I don’t claim to know what it’s like to work under such conditions, but having spoken to many medical professionals from multiple specialties, it does become clear that doctors, nurses, and PAs spend a lot of time on their feet.

I can relate to this in the sense that my feet start to hurt after just walking around a museum for a few hours without arch support. It’s not just my feet: my lower back starts to feel the pain as well. And I can say with certainty that a leisurely stroll around an art museum in no way compares to the amount of foot stress that these medical heroes go through every single day.

Here are the top facts you should know about arch support in case you’re not convinced:

  1. The arches of your feet bear 200,000 to 300,000 lbs. of stress for every mile that you walk.
  2. If you have low arches, you have a tendency to overpronate, which is when the foot rotates too far inward with each step.
  3. If you have high arches, you are more likely to underpronate, which happens when the foot rolls too far outward.
  4. Arch support is necessary for both high and low arches, and every arch in between.
  5. Arch supports can provide balance and support for individuals who use them, which lessens foot and lower back pain, and can even improve posture!


For all these reasons, make it a priority to find shoes that are comfortable and provide the proper support. I recommend Sanita clogs because they are well-known for their quality, but you can also purchase arch support inserts if you don’t want to buy a completely new shoe.

Must-Have Accessories For Men Physicians

To keep your look professional, you’ll want accessories that are functional and understated. But don’t be afraid to have fun and try out some of the whimsical accessories on this list as well!

  1. Scrubs Cap
    Moisture-wicking headgear for keeping sweat off your face
  2. Leather Bag
    A professional carrying case to tote everything you need while on the go
  3. Stethoscope Cuff Links
    Novelty cufflinks that are whimsical yet polished
    Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.43.32 AM
  4. Ipad Holder
    A quality tech accessory to keep your tablet safe and sound
  5. Sanita Clogs
    A necessity for anyone on their feet for the majority of the workday
  6. Custom Embroidery
    Nothing says professionalism like having your degree embroidered on your chest with a custom logo
    cannon plastics V2
  7. Classic Watch
    Keep time with a wrist piece that is elegant and understated
    Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.51.52 AM

Professional Clogs

What are the requirements of the professional clogs? Obviously the appearance is pretty high on the list considering how important it is to project the right image, especially dealing with patients who often find themselves in a stressful environment. Would you be nervous if you saw your doctor in a wrinkled scrubs wearing tennis shoes ? Would you feel more comfortable and relaxed if the doc was wearing nice lab coat and professional clogs ? Ok, let’s get more technical. It’s probably a good idea to choose skid resistant and non-marking sole. Good shock absorbency is a must. There are plenty of professional clogs with ergonomic designs that propel you forward when you walk. A great example is Sanita clogs. Clogs for men. Professional Cabrio Black. (http://www.medelita.com/sanita-medical-clogs-professional-cabrio-black-mens.html

Here’s a great article that goes into a lot more detail on the subject:

“As we mentioned earlier, there are specific anatomical explanations that explain why a clog is the preferred choice for those who are on their feet the majority of their shift. In contrast to traditional shoes or athletic footwear, in a clog your foot is not constrained, it’s cradled. Sanita clogs, with their unique combination of the Sandflex Sole and just the right amount of support at the heel and padding at the arch, transfers motion from heel to toe with comfort and stability no shoe or competing clog can duplicate. This makes it the preferred choice of healthcare workers worldwide. Sanitas clogs are also sized specifically for men and women, as opposed to the so called “unisex” sizing of some other clog brands that ignore the inherent differences in the shape of the male and female foot.”

Full article link: http://medelita.com/community/medelita/press-releases/clogs/

If you are in the market for professional clogs, choosing the best place to shop requires some research as well. It’s hard to tell what kind of customer service you might experience if there’s a problem with your order or product itself. Price is not always a good indicator. However you can get the best of both worlds if you do a little research. We recommend to take a look at Medelita. It’s a company with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and best possible service.

Physician Clogs

For physicians, we recommend medical clogs, Sanita brand in particular for it’s established reputation as a leader in manufacturing highest quality medical shoes for physicians, clinicians, surgeons and doctors in general. Sanita makes physician clogs with footbeds that provide soft cushioning and excellent arch support that’s latex-free, antimicrobial and odor-resistant. Many shoe styles are available in patent leather which makes caring for them a lot easier, especially in the hospital environment. Another advantage of the physician medical shoes made by Sanita is sturdiness allowing them to last for a very long time.

Reviews of the Sanita Physician Clogs:

“I’m on my feet all day lecturing and in lab. These shoes are safe for the lab setting and provide great support for being on my feet all day. They’ve required some breaking in. They’ve been causing some amount of pain at the heel and the top of the foot around the shoe opening. When I first got the shoes, I could barely get through the work day, and my feet were still sore the next day, so I couldn’t wear them 2 days in a row. They are now starting to loosen up, and I am experiencing much less discomfort. I’m confident that they will soon be fully conformed to my feet, and expect to have no discomfort at all. I also expect that the sturdiness of the shoe which led to the need to break them in will also mean they will last a very long time.”  – Dr.J, Professor.

Women’s Clogs

The number one manufacturer of Women’s Clogs is Sanita. If you are not familiar with this brand you owe it to yourself to at least give them a try. Sanita women’s clogs are available in so many different styles, designs, colors and prints that it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like them. With the largest selections of sizes and width variations, you are going to be very comfortable wearing Sanita women’s medical shoes all day long. There’s one other company that we like a lot, it’s called Medelita, an online retailer and manufacturer of designer medical clothing.  It turns out they are a huge fans of Sanita clogs as well. We have found a great selection of women’s medical shoes and nursing shoes on their marketplace.

Also check out some of the reviews from Medelita customers:

Sanita Clog, Professional Cabrio – Brown “Extremely comfortable. I originally bought them for work but now I am considering wearing them as an every day shoe. I do wish the would make a crocodile one in Chocolate brown as in addition to the Bordeaux color they off now. But I am absolutely happy with my purchase and will be purchasing the black crocs next.”

Sanita Clog, Professional Dragonfly – Dark Brown “This is a very comfortable and stylish clog. I am an academic and clinical instructor for nurse anesthetists and these clogs are great for standing all day while giving anesthesia or teaching in the classroom. I will definitely buy other clogs from Sanita.”






Men’s Clogs

Men’s clogs, especially black clogs, are an essential addition to a wardrobe of any medical professional. Physicians, Dentists and Nurses alike choose medical clogs over any other shoes for superior all-day comfort, shock absorbent insoles, non-marking, slip-resistant outsoles and best of all, great looks. Men’s clogs can be worn with scrubs or a lab coat, it’s a perfect blend of style and comfort. Medical clogs have been proven to relieve stress associated with extended hours healthcare workers spend on their feet each work day. Nothing compares to quality construction and durability of these shoes.

Our favorite clogs for men are made by Sanita. A danish shoemaker company with long tradition and old-school approach to making best quality men’s shoes. Sanita men’s clogs are still made by hand with high attention to detail and quality standards. Here are some of the best selling men’s clogs according to Medelita (a high end lab coat and scrubs manufacturer from California):


Clogs are the most popular medical footwear, a must have for any doc or nurse. Why ? Clogs are comfortable and look professional. If you spend your entire day on your feet in front of patients or colleagues and not behind the desk, Sanita clogs are your best friends. The best known brands include Sanita, Klogs, Dansko, Born, Mozo Forza, Merrell. Sanita, Klogs and Dansko have the largest share of medical shoes market. Sanita is manufactured in Europe, Dansko is made mostly in China. Both companies make shoes for doctors and nursing shoes with emphasis on shock absorption, improved ankle stability and heel security. Both make medical clogs with ergonomic soles and variety of materials ranging from leather to environmentally friendly vegan materials. Both clogs are durable and made to high quality standards but if you have to pick one brand, we prefer Sanita since they have been manufacturing shoes for over 100 years with very consistent results. If you want to read more about the differences in these companies and products, you can find a good article on Medelita blog.