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Comfortable Professional Medical Shoes

Comfortable and Professional Shoes For Doctors

Take care of your feet!

Doctors, you know that if you’re spending many hours on your feet during the workday, you need to be responsible about your footwear in order to avoid some serious hip, foot, and back problems. The issue is that it can be challenging to find footwear that provides orthopedic arch support but still looks professional enough to meet with patients and colleagues without feeling like you borrowed your grandparent’s shoes.

Danish clog company Sanita has been hand-making medical clogs for years that are supremely comfortable, and offer the right kind of arch support so that your lower back isn’t hurting halfway through your workweek. These clogs are also very professional looking and come in many different finishes so that you can choose the color – black and brown leather are popular choices – and the different finishes of the leather, such as patent, suede, or polished. Each of these options are versatile enough that you can wear them every day, both in a clinical setting and after work when you’re running errands.

Sanita has really made an art of creating the perfect shoe for medical professionals, whether you’re a physician, resident, nurse, or PA. They are professional and comfortable, and super durable. It takes a little while to get used to the feel of these clogs, but within a day you will find yourself walking with ease and comfort, and after a week the find leather insoles will have already conformed to the exact shape of your foot.

These shoes are proof that as a doctor or other medical professional, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for professional-looking shoes and vise versa. Comfort and professionalism are not mutually exclusive!

Sanita Clogs

Why Medical Professionals Need Serious Shoes

On a scale of 1-10 how physically demanding would you say your job is?

Research has shown that for certain specialties, medical professionals spend hours and hours on their feet. Any expert can tell you that it’s good to avoid being sedentary for too long during the workday and that’s true – as long as you have the right shoes that are up to the task of supporting your poor feet all day.

There are shoes that are made specifically for wearers who stand all day during their job. These are shoes with a purpose, shoes that have the right kinds of features that make standing on your feet for hours and hours easy without having the knee and joint pain that you would typically have.

Sanita clogs offer support and help reduce the long term effects of being on your feet all day. They are also designed for you to avoid other common foot issues, like blisters muscle stress, and swelling. They are handmade and the quality can’t be beat.

Having tried on many pairs of shoes in my shopaholic life, I can safely say that Sanita clogs are the go-to choice for clinicians, nurses, or really anyone who is on their feet all day.

The Best Work Shoes For Nurses And Clinicians

Many healthcare practitioners are on their feet for upwards of two to three thousand hours a year – making comfortable, orthopedic footwear absolutely essential to prevent the foot and back pain that inevitably accompanies these physically taxing work days. 

Here’s why Sanita clogs create a walking/standing experience that transcends the ranks of ordinary orthopedic shoes:


1. Sanita clogs are all handmade. The Sanita brand found its roots in 1907, when Christian Meldgaard Andersen created the first pair of hand carved wooden clogs. Over 100 years later, every clog Sanita produces is still handcrafted in Europe with the same tradition of craftsmanship and caring that marked the company’s inception.

2. Sanita clogs are anatomically correct and mold to the shape of your step. They allow you to step through your day with ease and supreme comfort thanks to an inclined forefoot section and arch-supporting orthopedic innersole. Adjustable heel cups offer pressure relief and the sturdy design provides ankle stability in a fast-paced, on-your-feet-all-day work environment.

3. Sanita clogs have been awarded the “Seal of Acceptance” by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) for their supreme quality and comfort. The thick soles shift your weight in a rocking, orthopedic motion to reduce the stress on your feet while interior leather enhances breathability. For medical professionals who stand for long long periods at work, Sanita clogs are the most beneficial for both posture and comfort.

4. Sanita clogs are made with top-quality materials. Both the sole and the upper are formed from real, hand-tooled leather. The outer soles are made with skid-resistant polyurethane to help you maintain your footing in slippery conditions. On the inside, Sanita clogs come with a soft leather sock lining to help wick moisture and prevent foot odor. The high quality of the materials used in production of these shoes ensures that you don’t have to worry about smell, durability, or slippage.

5. Sanita clogs provide a professional, high-end look and come in a variety of styles and leather finishes. Whether you choose a high-sheen patent finish, or the subtle gloss of Cabrio leather these clogs are visually attractive and astoundingly simple to care for – scuffs disappear easily with an soft cloth or oil sponge depending on the material.

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