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It’s All In The Details: Buttons

All lab coats were not created equal. When purchasing a new lab coat, it makes sense to splurge a little for a coat of superior quality that will last you a long time and withstand wear and tear.

How can you tell if a lab coat is high quality?

This is a great question, and there are several clues you can look for that indicate the quality of a garment. The fabric should be soft and durable – none of that 2-ply polyester cardboard. It will fit you nicely like a blazer or suit, and most importantly the design details will indicate the true quality and care that went into creating the lab coat.


One of the design details that is an indicator of high quality in a garment is the buttons and fastenings. Is it a cheap, brittle plastic? Are the buttons unevenly placed and not sewn on properly? Will they snap in half after a few washes, rendering the coat unwearable?

It might seem like a superfluous detail, but high quality buttons are a pretty good indicator that the lab coat is of high quality as well – after all, why would the manufacturer waste expensive buttons on a shoddy,┬ácheap garment?

When shopping for a new lab coat, pay attention to the buttons: carrera white lucite buttons are made of a durable material that won’t snap in half, and are very visually attractive. Another popular style, though a bit more flashy, is knot buttons – these buttons are actually made of a knotted fabric, so they definitely won’t break and they are extremely stylish.

Knot buttons are stylish and functional.

Knot buttons are stylish and functional.