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Doctors Uniforms and Other Professionals

How Do Doctors’ Uniforms Stack Up To Other Professions?

What someone wears says a lot about them as a person. And dress code attire at work certainly says a lot about a person’s job. Whether you have the ability to create your own business wardrobe, or whether you have a strict uniform you adhered to each day, dressing for success is important for any professional, despite their field of work.

Lawyer: Conservative and business professional. It’s business suits and ties all around for this profession. As a job where the majority of one’s time is usually spent in an office and-or in a courtroom, it’s important to always look the part, to always dress to impress. Even your best pair of expensive jeans are a no-go in this environment. Clients aren’t going to trust their legal issues with just anyone, afterall.

Engineer: Business casual. This is a career that requires employees to look professional, but also be comfortable and safe, depending on the specific job. Khakis, skirts, blouses and polos are all acceptable attire for most engineering firms. However those who work in more physically demanding areas, such as at power plants or construction sites may be found wearing jeans, as well as mandatory safety helmets and even steel-toed boots.

Accountant: Smart; business casual. It is important for accountants to look ‘smart,’ both fashionably and in terms of their job skills. Unless you’re meeting with a big-name client, dressing head to toe in formal business wear is usually not necessary. However, dressing down in khakis and a polo shirt is probably not the best choice either. Try finding a good fit somewhere in between. Dress pants, skirts, button-down shirts and blouses, along with semi-formal footwear, are great choices for a comfortable look with a sleek, professional edge.

Physician: Functional; business professional. Although ties, dress shoes, and business skirts are usually not an option, it’s important for medical professionals set a certain dress code precedence above your standard of cheap scrubs and ill-fitting lab coat. A physician’s clothing should be “an emblem of their specialty, training and culture.” A physician’s attire should be first and foremost functional, in the way that scrubs are safe around medical equipment, protect from stains and infection, and easy to work in. However, as someone who patients  entrust their health and safety, potentially their lives, it is important to look the part of someone qualified to take on that responsibility. Surveys have shown that in terms of patient satisfaction and trust, it pays off to invest in a good-quality, formal white lab coat.

Dressing For Medical School Interviews

What To Wear To Your Medical School Interviews

As if applying to medical school wasn’t hard enough, after you take the MCAT and tabulate all your extra-curricular activities, prospective medical students will likely face in-person interviews.

First of all, you should view your medical school interviews as an important milestone in your medical career, and look at this as a huge opportunity to impress the people who will be making a decision that could affect the rest of your life. It’s important to brush up on some interview tips and talking points, and review your resume so that you can talk about it professionally with ease. But you also need to account for how you visually present yourself to an interviewer as a prospective medical student.

Medical School Interview Outfit

Expectations for what prospective medical students should wear to their interviews will vary by school, region of the country, and even by the personal expectations of the individual interviewer. Given all these variations, it’s best to err on the side of caution and dress as professionally as possible.

Here are some tips for dressing for your medical school interviews:

  1. If possible, wear a suit. Girls can wear either a pants suit or a skirt suit.
  2. Dressing in dark colors tends to look more professional.
  3. Make sure that the shirt you wear under your suit is a lighter color than the color of your suit.
  4. Don’t overdo it with perfume/cologne, or accessories. Keep it simple.
  5. Try your shoes on before to make sure there aren’t any distracting squeaks when you step. For females, this also ensures that you are actually able to walk in your heels.
  6. Hairstyles should be clean and simple.
  7. For the most confidence, have your outfit tailored to fit you specifically. This will also make your clothes look more expensive.

The most important rule of all, for dressing for a medical school interview, is to be professional yet comfortable. Remember that how you present yourself visually will play a large role in determining others’ first impression of you, so you want to get it right!

Worst Colors and Fabrics to Wear in Summer Heat

Today in southern California, temperatures today reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit. On these sweltering summer afternoons, all you want to do is change into shorts or a sundress, and kick back with a frosty beverage in the shade.

But if you’re dressing for summer, there are a few fabrics and colors you might want to steer clear of in order to avoided the dreaded sweat stains that come along with higher temperatures and summer activities. Here are the clothes you should avoid until the fall months begin:

  1. The color grey and green
    These colors are just asking for you to sweat so that they can turn a darker shade! Think of any color of fabric that turns significantly darker when it gets wet – you’ll want to avoid these or else you might find yourself walking around with embarrassing dark semi-circles under your armpits all day.
  2. Silk fabrics or anything that needs dry cleaning
    Unless you are set in stone for a garment for an event, you’re going to rack up your dry cleaning charges pretty quickly if you wear dry clean only clothes during the summer. Most people wait until after a few wears to send these clothes to the dry cleaner, but during summer months you will want to wash your clothes after just about every single wear. Your excess sweat gets trapped in the fibers of your clothes, and this mixes with bacteria to create a body odor scent that you can’t get rid of!

What you should be wearing in summer is light, breathable fabrics that come in eggshell tones or patterns to as to avoid sweat stains that will ruin your whole outfit. When comfort is your goal, stick to performance apparel like Lulu Lemon or this Core One Tee – these wick away moisture the most efficiently, so that you don’t need to sweat about your sweat stains.

Seven Laundry Hacks

Six Laundry Hacks You Should Know

  1. Accidentally shrunk your favorite sweater by washing it on the wrong setting? Try soaking the garment in a solution of lukewarm water and baby shampoo, gently kneading the fabric and stretching it apart back to its normal size.
  2. We’ve already gone over the damage that the dryer has been doing to your clothes. Try using the salad spinner you have in your kitchen to remove excess water from your freshly washed clothes before air-drying them!
  3. Prevent the colors of your laundry from fading with this easy hack: toss a teaspoon of table salt in the washer the next time you run a load.
  4. If you’ve taken our advice, you probably know to air-dry most of your favorite garments. When air-drying your favorite sweaters and knits, use a flat surface instead of hanging them up to dry in order to preserve their shape.
  5. If you’re in a time crunch and need your clothing dry ASAP, try throwing a clean and dry towel into the dryer along with the damp load of laundry in order to soak up excess moisture even faster.
  6. Instead of subjecting your jeans to the shrinking and fading effects of laundering them, try putting your jeans in the freezer overnight. This is meant to kill the odor-causing bacteria trapped in the fibers – although we still recommend you wash your jeans once a month to keep them fresh!
odor workout clothes

Here’s Why Your Workout Clothes Stink

The latest generation of athletic performance fabrics have been a godsend for many fitness buffs, as the moisture wicking fabric and flattering athleisure designs have made it possible for the modern professional to easily go from the gym, to the grocery store, or any other type of errands. Gone are the days of needing to go home and change out of your damp, sweaty clothes before daring to be seen in public – these high-tech fabrics are able to wick away moisture and sweat so effectively that most people can transition easily from fitness to real life while wearing the same clothes you do to workout.

However, this technological feature which saves so much time for users may also be the culprit to blame for stinky clothes that permeate through your laundry basket. The problem is this: when you work out in performance fabric gym clothes, the fact that your clothes feel dry almost immediately thereafter can easily lead to the mistaken assumption that the garment is cleaner than any other apparel you would wear to work out in.

When your clothes feel dry, the sweat, germs, and bacteria can easily accumulate without you noticing. Because these performance fabrics feel dry, many people interpret that as being clean – which is not the case until you actually wash the clothes. Many people want to wear their favorite yoga pants on Tuesday, and again on Thursday; since the clothes seem to be clean they are used multiple times between washes. Unfortunately, once you actually throw these athleisure garments in your hamper, they might be so inundated with sweat and dirt that the smell permeates your entire laundry hamper.

The takeaway? Launder your workout clothes (without fabric softener!) after every gym session or spinning class in order to increase the longevity of your garments and prevent them from stinking up the rest of your hamper.

Fabric Softener Performance Fabric

Why You Shouldn’t Use Fabric Softener On Your Performance Garments

Fabric softeners primarily come in two forms: liquid, or dryer sheets. Softeners are very popular to use when washing your clothes, eliminating static, softening fabric fibers, and even adding a lovely floral scent. However, you’ll definitely want to think twice before using fabric softener with your athletic clothes, lab coat, scrubs, or other performance fabrics.

When it comes to these performance fabrics, the fabric softener actually does more damage than good. Performance fabrics are made with technological features built in, such as moisture wicking or stain resistant – the problem with fabric softener is that it leaves a coating on the fibers of the fabric, so over time those technological features will fade.

This all has to do with the process by which fabric softener actually softens your clothes and linens. Fabric softener releases a sort of waxy substance onto your clothing – this is how it softens and prevents static cling. However, this is what makes your performance fabrics, well, not perform so well after you wash them with fabric softener. The difference may not be noticeable after the first wash, but it will build up over time.

The same principle applies to washing your towels or any micro-fiber fabrics. As a matter of fact, it is recommended in general that you not use heat to dry micro-fiber as it does a lot of damage to the fibers, making them lose all their moisture-wicking properties.

The moral of the story? Don’t use fabric softener with any fabric that has technological features!

Womens Fashion necklines

Different Types Of Necklines For Women’s Clothing

Though the neckline of your top may seem like a minute detail unworthy of a second thought, this design detail actually plays a huge role in creating a flattering silhouette from the neck up. Different styles of necklines can serve many fashion purposes, like playing up a lovely décolletage, or emphasizing slim shoulders, or creating a graceful visual line that draws the gaze to your face.

Here is a basic guide to the main types of necklines you will find today in women’s fashions:



Wearable Smart Clothing

Why The Next Generation Of Wearables Should Be Your Clothing

Think about the most popular wearables that you know – chances are, you’re thinking of fitness wearables like the FitBit or the Apple watch. The most common wearables of today seem to have found their common real estate on the wrist, which has been pretty effective while staying discreet for the wearer.

But is there a better option?

I don’t have a FitBit or Apple watch, but I forget to put on my regular watch in the morning about 50% of the time. It’s an optional accessory, making it easy to overlook if I’m in a rush in the morning while getting ready. If my watch was a wearable fitness tracker, I might be better about remembering to put it on, but I also might just get annoyed enough times that I just stop wearing it altogether. Probably the latter.

According to, “big-name companies like Samsung, GoogleOMSignal, Hexo Skin, and Under Armour have begun thinking about ways to make the clothes on your back as smart as the phone in your pocket.”

This is a really exciting development – think about it, you might forget to pack your FitBit in your gym bag to track your daily run, but you can’t run naked so there’s no way you would forget a wearable that has been integrated into the clothing you wear. This kind of technology could be even more accurate than the current types of wearables, because clothing covers a larger surface area of your skin.

Smart clothing would also be far less conspicuous than the clunky wrist wearables, even though newest generations of these have managed to get sleeker and sleeker. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to have a workout top that can give me a detailed analysis of my workout without needing to remember another wearable device!

Best Memorial Day Sales

Top Memorial Day Sales You Should Check Out In 2016

One of the best things about Memorial Day – in addition to commemorating our armed service members who have lost their lives and the extra day off – are the sales. Here are our picks for the best sales happening already.

Shoes: Stride Rite
Deal: Use discount code “MAY40” at checkout to receive 40% off select items.
Deal ends: May 30th

Appliances: Best Buy
Deal: Up to 40% off major appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers
Deal ends: June 8th

Workwear: Medelita
Deal: 20% off all lab coats, scrubs, bags, and clogs
Deal ends: May 30th

Furniture and appliances: Bassett Furniture
Deal: 20% off sitewide, and financing with zero interest for 36 months for items $4,000+
Deal ends: May 30th

Accessories: Nordstrom
Deal: Up to 50% on certain items online
Deal ends: July 31st

Physician Accessories

Best Tech Accessories For Physicians

It is time for a round-up of some of the most exciting new tech gadgets that also offer some practical use. Graduation is just around the corner, but many of these accessories are so useful that you might want to buy them for yourself. Here are 6 of our favorite tech accessories that are useful for those in healthcare:

Smartphone UV Sterilizer
A 2009 study of bacteria on cellphones revealed that germs that cause pink eye, flu, and variety of other illnesses are commonly found on smartphones. That is why Phone Soap offers a variety of devices from UV light boxes to wipes that will easily and effectively sanitize your phone, no matter the model.

Phone Charging Cases
We all know how it feels to need your phone, but be unable to use it because it has low or no battery. Your “May I borrow your charger?” days are over once you get one of these battery cases. An added bonus is that the bulky designs of the past are gone; most cases for androids or iphones now feature sleeker designs, such as the MyBumper case for iPhone 6/6s.

LaCie Petite Key USB Drive
Tiny and powerful, this USB comes in 8, 16, and 32GB models. What we love is its durable metal design and that it is also waterproof! Did we mention it can fit on your keychain?

Tile (Gen 2) Key Locator
Because we have all lost our keys. Or phone. Or a number of different items we need. Tile is a small Bluetooth tracking device paired with an app that can be used to find just about anything!

Livescribe 3 Smartpen
Turn your handwritten notes into digital copy, or record spoken word into a word document. This electronic pen has a ton of great features that allow you to create documents or even just draw on your iOs or android device.

BLOK Protective Case
Need a new ipad cover? The Blok has you covered with a protective square design, liquid repelling features (you enjoy that morning coffee!), and a Bluetooth keyboard.