Seven Laundry Hacks

Six Laundry Hacks You Should Know

  1. Accidentally shrunk your favorite sweater by washing it on the wrong setting? Try soaking the garment in a solution of lukewarm water and baby shampoo, gently kneading the fabric and stretching it apart back to its normal size.
  2. We’ve already gone over the damage that the dryer has been doing to your clothes. Try using the salad spinner you have in your kitchen to remove excess water from your freshly washed clothes before air-drying them!
  3. Prevent the colors of your laundry from fading with this easy hack: toss a teaspoon of table salt in the washer the next time you run a load.
  4. If you’ve taken our advice, you probably know to air-dry most of your favorite garments. When air-drying your favorite sweaters and knits, use a flat surface instead of hanging them up to dry in order to preserve their shape.
  5. If you’re in a time crunch and need your clothing dry ASAP, try throwing a clean and dry towel into the dryer along with the damp load of laundry in order to soak up excess moisture even faster.
  6. Instead of subjecting your jeans to the shrinking and fading effects of laundering them, try putting your jeans in the freezer overnight. This is meant to kill the odor-causing bacteria trapped in the fibers – although we still recommend you wash your jeans once a month to keep them fresh!

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