Six Surprising Household Items You Can Use To Remove Stains

Stains on clothing can quickly take your look from snazzy to shabby. Unfortunately, they are just an unavoidable part of life, like taxes or having to shave your legs (or your face, if you’re of the male persuasion).

Here are some stain removing hacks using household items that you would never guess could be used as stain remover!

1.The sun

For tough-to-get-out tomato based stains, douse the item in water so that it is fully soaked, spray a little white vinegar or lemon water onto the stain, and leave it out in the sun while it is very wet.

2.White bread

According to our sources, white bread can be very useful in removing lipstick stains from clothes. Remove the crust, wad it up into a ball, and blot out as much as you can – what’s left will come out in the wash.

3.Hand sanitizer

For ink stains, soak the stained area in hand sanitizer and wait for 10 minutes before throwing it into the wash.


If you have a troubling grease stain, rub some chalk into the area before washing. The powdery texture should soak up most of the grease.

5.Kitty litter

Treat red wine stains as soon as you can, while it’s still wet. After pouring club soda onto the stain, sprinkle on some kitty litter and press it into the stain so that it absorbs the wine.

6.Meat tenderizer

Sweat stains, be gone! Wet the sweat stain with warm water and sprinkle some meat tenderizer on the area. Wait 30 minutes before washing.

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