Notorious BIG Doctor Lyrics

To All The Doctors In The Place With Style And Grace

I’ve been listening to the old school rap playlist on Spotify lately, and it’s inspired me to come up with some creative rap lyrics to the tune of Notorious BIG’s Big Poppa.

To all the doctors in the place with style and grace
Allow me to pimp your stylish outfits, yes your lab coats
Who rock scrubs and save lives with all the patients
The back of the clinic, checkin’ vitals, is where you’ll find me (what?)
The operating room, or diagnostics, my team’s behind me (huh)
Mad question askin’, knowledge passin’, patients gaspin’
But I just can’t quit
‘Cause I worked my ass off in school now I have debt ta deal with

“I love it when you call me top docta’
Throw your hands up from the EHR, if you’se a true healer
“I love it when you call me top doc-ta
To the doctors gettin’ money treatin’ patients changing health
“I love it when you call me top docta’
If you got a stethoscope up in your waist maybe check my heart rate (why?)
‘Cause I feel some symptoms tonight that are makin’ me crazy, save me

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