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Jockey Scrubs

Jockey Scrubs. Another one of our favorite brands. New, contemporary, stylish, high performance, sporty, comfy, very comfy. Jockey is great for nurses, all scrubs have lots of pockets, big pockets, small pockets, zipper pockets, you name it. If you are new to Jockey, check out some of their best sellers here. If you are already a fan, many familiar styles are now available in new colors and prints. Blue glass and Plum glass prints are especially popular in dental offices, whereas classy v-necks in solid colors are a top pick for big group orders from hospitals and medical offices. Jockey scrubs are vivid, (and rich in color variations) with every size option available which is another reason why customer love this brand.

Take a look at some of the reviews of Jockey Scrubs taken from Medelita Marketplace. 

  • “I love these Jockey Scrubs! Thank you Medelita for offering great products for nurses.” – Lisa, Nurse
  • “Best Scrubs i have ever owned. I get compliments everyday that I wear them.” – Brenda, Nurse.

Koi Scrubs

When we talk about Koi Scrubs, the first thing that comes to mind is Design. Koi has the largest selection of styles, unique patterns and color combinations. If you want to look different and you want to look good – Koi Scrubs is your best bet. 2013 Koi women’s catalog includes many new styles and great prints that are guaranteed to become best-sellers of the spring collection. Here are some of the products that received 5 star ratings from the customers at one of our favorite places to shop for Koi Scrubs, Medelita Marketplace. Not only there are great hand-picked top sellers but Medelita has great customer service and makes the whole ordering online business very easy and convenient.

Koi Women’s Valerie Lab Coat “What a charming little jacket! It fits well in the shoulders, but is a bit wider through the waist than I expected based on other medium Koi jackets I have purchased. However, it is not so big that it looks sloppy and it is quite comfortable. This jacket has great design details and could easily be worn for everyday use as well as for work.” – Karen, Pharmacist. ” An excellent alternative to plain scrub tops. This Koi top has great unique style details, fits well and looks great.”  – Leila, Nurse.



ICU Scrubs

Icu scrubs by Barco are one of the most popular scrubs on the market due to their affordable price and good quality fabric. Designed for nurses, Icu Scrubs are made with ArcRelease – stain resistant technology, feel super comfortable to the touch, thanks to 55% cotton and 45% polyester soft micro twill. Barco is famous for making product lines with a whole spectrum of color variations and sizing options, ranging from XXS to 5XL and making scrub pants in petite and tall sizes from XXSP to 2XLP.

ICU Scrubs are available in 18 solid color options with new additions like Silver color and Lavender. 2013 catalog also features some great new styles available in prints as well as solid colors. Some of these scrubs are made with 100% cotton, so may not be as durable as polyester fabrics but are certainly better for your body. Shop here for hand picked selection of best selling scrubs.

 Read reviews of ICU scrubs taken from Medelita website:

“I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and liked your 5$ flat rate on shipping. But then i found out that you carry all my favorite ICU tops and I really liked your recommendations on the other brands as well. Great web specials! I ended up ordering more and got free shipping, thanks Medelita !”  – Karen, Nurse.


Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs by Barco. Spring 2013 Barco Uniforms catalog is here, and it looks colorful!  New Solid Red, Pink, Navy and Purple colors, lots of great patterns and prints. Choose from classics or modern, high fashion scrubs and lab coats. Find the best online retailer. Order several products and get free shipping, or if you just need 1 item, you can get 5$ flat shipping rate in continental US If you order from Medelita. You will also get personalized service and lots of other benefits. Free returns, in-house embroidery, helpful customer service. Browse hand-picked Grey’s Anatomy selections at Medelita Marketplace.

Reviews of Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs from Medelita website:



Green Scrubs

Green Scrubs, Light green, Leaf color scrubs, Khaki scrubs – these are all popular choices, in fact many hospitals and medical offices use it as standard uniform color and the demand for quality green scrubs is high. Not every scrub is created equal and general rule “you get what you pay for” applies to most products that we have tested. If you are a medical professional who is tired of throwing away money on cheap scrubs, we recommend Medelita Brand, known for it’s leadership in innovation, design and quality standards. Most online retailers selling 3rd party products only offer 30-60 day returns and limited warranty, requiring customer deal with manufacturer rather than the seller. What makes Medelita different is that not only they offer 180 day returns and 1 year warranty on all their products, they also have the best customer service to back up the policy. You can print your own return label off their website and send a product back for an exchange or a full refund – no questions asked. Free shipping, free returns, great in house embroidery service and much more.

Review of Green Scrubs:

  • “I work in the ER and these are the only scrubs I wear. I am petite and have a hard time finding clothes that fit but these are just perfect. I really like their light green scrubs but i have every color and just rotate daily!” – Jen, MD
  • “Thanks for such great service and products! I constantly receive compliments on my scrubs AND I am comfortable in them. Love the contoured shape of the top unlike regular scrubs which are box-like. Much more flattering”.- Amy PA-C

Grey Scrubs

Grey is our new favorite scrub color. It’s not easy to find but luckily there’s one company that manufactures quality grey scrubs for physicians, clinicians, dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals. It’s called Medelita. Their scrubs are knows for exceptional fabric, innovative technology, gender specific true sizing and superior fit. Designed to project professional image and impress both colleagues and patients.  You can read more about the quality and other features that distinguish Medelia brand from it’s competitors.

Reviews of the Grey Scrubs taken from Medelita website:

  • “I am an emergency room physician and am in my scrubs over 12 hours each shift. These scrubs are very comfortable. I am never conscious of the fit of these scrubs throughout the day, which I guess, is a good thing. The pockets are great and the zip fly is nice. Would definitely recommend these scrubs.” – Andrew, MD
  • “What I really love, are the good, deep scrub pant pockets.Finally I no longer need to juggle million things in my hands. And even though I may have an average build, I actually don’t look like a fire plug when wearing them.These are well worth the extra money compared to cheap, disposable fabric scrubs i bought from others.” – Steve, PA




Black Scrubs

If you are shopping for black scrubs, we know just the place for high quality scrubs that retain color extremely well. In fact these black scrubs don’t fade at all. Intrigued ? Take a look at Medelita black scrubs. They are easily distinguished by highest quality material and great design, very flattering cut, raised neckline and unbelievable comfort for all day wear. Scrub pants are packed with pockets, have elastic back, drawstrings and zip fly on men’s scrubs. We have tried many different brands, and are completely convinced that once you try Medelita professional scrubs it will be impossible for you to downgrade to any other scrubs.

Reviews taken from Medelita website:

  • “Got the black scrubs. I love, love, LOVE them! Thank you very much for everything!!! I will definitely refer business.”
  • “I absolutely love your product and many of my female co-workers are planning to join my Medelita fan club. We work in Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, so as a PA-C it’s important to look like a clinician, but it’s nice to finally have scrubs that show my curves!”
  • “I am such a fan, and while new to your product, I can say I’ve never had a better fitting or better wearing set of scrubs. I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs is how great they are! No more gaps between pants and top, no baggy neck and arm holes – just freedom. So keep up the great work.”


Blue Scrubs

Blue scrubs or blue navy color or baltic scrubs as they are called at Medelita are one of the most popular colors. Medelita is offering men’s and women’s blue scrub tops and blue scrub pants.  Forget the unisex, boxy scrubs. Cheap scrubs cost a lot more in the long run. Read here about advantages of new performance fabrics used in professional scrubs today. There are fantastic materials that are super comfortable, wick away moisture, odor free, bacteriostatic, etc.

Reviews of the Blue Scrubs:

  • “I love the material, this is the best quality dark blue scrub top that I have found. The top does have a more feminine fit and in comparison to some of the other brands/styles out there, it is very pretty and stylish.” Ellen, RN
  • “I have just received my clinician scrubs and the fit is just great. I’m a clinical pharmacist and my department just changed their uniform color from navy blue to khaki but I’m still keeping my new Medelita scrubs anyway since they fit so well. They are really worth the money.” Lourdes, Pharmacist.


Veterinary Scrubs

Would you agree that most veterinary scrubs can’t sustain constant washing, fade colors quickly,  start pilling and generally don’t last very long ? We compared several popular brands such as Medelita, Barco, White Swan, Landau, Dickies and determined that when it comes to durability and overall value of veterinary scrubs, Medelita comes up on top of it’s competitors. We took into consideration many factors, such as design, fit, fabric quality, functionality, durability and last but not least customer service and shopping experience. Medelita makes excellent men’s and women’s scrubs, they use innovative technology  Drirelease™ with FreshGuard™ scrub fabric that keeps you dry, fresh, and free of odors. Ordering from the web site is a breeze, convenient navigation and personalized options, in house embroidery service, custom alterations if needed, free shipping options, easy and FREE returns and exchanges…in other words, Medelita ( is company that understands what customers need and how the e-commerce business works.

Reviews from Medelita Customers:

  • “I usually do not wear scrubs to work. I am a radiologist and generally wear a blouse and a skirt or pants with a lab coat because scrubs generally look too sloppy. Again, I have worn the scrubs and lab coat to the hospital. I received nothing but compliments all day long because the look great! And really, I have never received a compliment about my appearance before when wearing scrubs so that is truly a testament to your efforts and concept.”  – Heather, MD
  • Perfect fit, perfect quality. I was initially hesitant to order a scrub set because of the cost and uncertainty about the fit. But the scrubs are worth every penny. I don’t think anyone can beat the quality of your material, fit, and workmanship. – Terry, NP


Student Scrubs

Medical Students often compare well known brands like Grey’s Anatomy and ICU Scrubs by Barco with Jockey, Landau and Medelita. When it comes to fabric quality, performance, durability and perfect fit, – Medelita is a clear winner. If you are looking for bigger color variety and style selections, Grey’s Anatomy is probably your best bet. It’s important to ask yourself what your expectations are and what is the long term value of the product you are buying. Do you want to buy cheaper student scrubs that will fade away and start pilling after several washes, or do you want a designer style scrub from quality material that will look brand new even after hundreds of washes ? It’s always a good idea to do a little research, look at customer satisfaction and unsolicited reviews before deciding on a perfect scrub set for students.

Here are a few reviews of our favorite company Medelita:

  • “So many people have already commented to me on how professional and nice my scrubs look. And the value is really there. I can buy 3-4 sets of regular scrubs that hold up only a few washes, or I can buy one pair of Medelita scrubs that really last.” – Emily, Medical Student
  • “I am such a fan, and while new to your product, I can say I’ve never had a better fitting or better wearing set of scrubs. I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs is how great they are! No more gaps between pants and top, no baggy neck and arm holes – just freedom. So keep up the great work.” – Alice, NA