When it comes to Scrubs there are many options available, in fact you can probably find every color or pattern imaginable if you just browse through Barco, White Swan Uniforms or Landau. For example Grey’s Anatomy, Icu Scrubs, Jockey scrubs are some of our favorites but most of these scrubs are designed for nurses. What about physician scrubs or clinician scrubs ? What can differentiate a doctor scrub from his assistant’s uniform ? We have the answer for you ! If you are looking for the highest quality professional scrubs nothing comes close to scrubs made by southern California company “Medelita”. They may not have a worlds largest selection of colors, but they definitely make up for it by making designing flattering, better fitting scrubs. Instead of letter sizing S,M,L…they use numerical sizes and it’s more precise as S could be a 4 or a 6, just like M could be an 8 or size 10. It really makes a big difference! No more boxy, shapeless scrubs. With Medelita you get comfort and perfect range of motion, plus their fabric will last you much longer compared to other brands. There’s no color fading even after 100 washes the scrubs look brand new. No pilling, No shrinkage and No WRINKLING ! Look your best everyday with Medelita Scrubs.

Review of Medelita Scrubs:

  • “I have just received my clinician scrubs and the fit is just great. I’m a clinical pharmacist and my department just changed their uniform color from navy blue to khaki but I’m still keeping my new Medelita scrubs anyway since they fit so well. They are really worth the money.”
  • “I tried Medelita scrubs on at ASCO last week and was totally blown away by how nice they are and how they are actually flattering . . . in a scrubs kind of way. Female scrub tops actually ARE cut for women, and the fabric feels great, but looks clean and crisp like cotton.”
  • “You have no idea how much it means to a woman working in plastics to have scrubs that make you look AND feel great. The standards are high, and Medelita makes them achievable. You have all been amazing to work with – you went out of your way to make sure I received what I wanted and needed. I have never received such outstanding customer service!”


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