Scrubs For Men With Zippers

Once upon a time, the only scrubs available (for men and women) were the drab unisex uniforms that looked more like pajamas. Scrubs pants in particular were shapeless and uncomfortable, with a cheap polyester drawstring that barely kept your pants from sliding down your hips.

Compare your scrub pants to your favorite pair of jeans. Your jeans have quality seams that won’t tear apart until after years of wear. They have belt loops, pockets, and most importantly – a fly zipper to make them as function as possible.

The options for scrubs have improved over the past years, and there are now plenty of options for mens scrubs pants that have zippered flys for ease of use for the wearer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.44.53 PM

You need to look professional at work, and you need to feel comfortable during your long shifts. Choose scrubs that fit your needs, and that are more than glorified pajamas. These Modern Fit Scrubs by Medelita are made to fit exactly like your favorite pair of jeans or chinos, and feel even more comfortable – and the best part? They have a fly zipper so that you don’t need to fumble with a clumsy drawstring.

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