Professional Looking, Stylish Scrubs For Men

The medical apparel market is brimming with cute scrubs options. Today medical professionals can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and even patterns – there literally is a scrub for everyone available.

But most of these trendy new scrubs styles are geared for women in medicine – female RNs, PAs, and physicians. The options for men’s scrubs are better than they were a decade ago, but it can still be a challenge as a male medical professional to find a nice set of medical scrubs that don’t resemble a prisoner’s uniform.

Many men will simply accept whatever is cheapest or whatever set of scrubs they are issued by their place of employment, but the fashion-forward male medical professional is willing to spend a little more on a high quality set of comfortable scrubs that actually fits like a pair of chinos or regular pants.

Professional Mens Scrubs Pants

Medelita scrubs fit the bill exactly for professional men’s scrubs. Their designs aren’t overly flashy, but simple and ergonomically tailored for a full range of movement. They are also made with a special brushed cotton fabric that is supremely soft for maximum comfort all day, while wicking away any moisture, such as sweat.

What’s more is that Medelita’s men’s scrubs include a major design feature that all men will appreciate: a zippered fly.

Indeed, for men working in medicine the obvious choice for professional yet comfortable scrubs is the Modern Fit Collection from medical apparel brand Medelita.

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