Scrub Pants Elastic Waistband

Non-Latex Elastic Waistbands For Scrubs

You’ll be happy to hear that your scrub pants no longer need to be either:

  1. Falling around your hips and butt so that you constantly have to pull them up
  2. Cinched awkwardly and uncomfortably around your waist

Modern Fit Scrubs

Medelita has re-designed scrub pants with their customers in mind. The waistband of the scrub pants has two parts: an elastic back (made with non-latex rubber so as to not trigger any latex allergies) and a drawstring tie. This dual waistband is perfect because the drawstring allows you to tighten the waist, while the elastic allows enough give for the pants to stay extremely comfortable.

These scrubs are extremely soft, durable, and come in a variety of colors that are popular among all medical professionals. Because of the fabric finish and updated cut, Medelita scrubs are definitely the best on the market for looking professional, but they’re also impossible to beat in terms of functional features. Don’t forget, they also come in styles for both men and women!


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