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Love It Or Leave It: Back Pockets On Scrubs

The perfect scrub for you probably depends on your specialty and medical profession. Nurses have different requirements from their workwear than physicians in the same field, and certain specialties have stricter requirements for what is needed in terms of their uniforms.

These differences can most commonly been seen with pockets.

Every medical professional in every specialty requires pockets to hold medical instruments and general “stuff”, but exactly how many pockets and where they are placed on the scrubs really depends on the field you’re working in. It’s likely that you’re going to run into some scrubs that don’t fit your pocket needs before you find your ideal set of scrubs with perfectly placed pockets.

One pocket feature that has been adapted into nearly every type of scrubs pants, however, is the rear pocket. If you are a medical professional who doesn’t use this back pocket, you might feel that this feature, though meant to be helpful, actually is unflattering for your bottom. But some medical professionals in certain specialties swear by these back pockets, and say they use them all the time.

What are your thoughts about rear pockets on scrubs pants? Do you use your pockets every day or at least occasionally? Or is this a feature you’d prefer not to have on your scrubs pants? Comment and let us know!

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