Seven Steps To A Perfect Professional Portrait

As a practicing physician, it is likely that you will find yourself in a situation where you need a professional portrait taken. Here are some basic rules that you can refer to ensure that your photograph is flattering enough to actually want other people to see it!

  1. Wear a solid top Рno patterns! Any pattern is going to make you look larger, and will attract attention away from your face.
  2. Pick a color top that is flattering for your skin tone. Jewel tones look particularly good on camera, and you definitely want to avoid any neutral shades that might blend in with your skin or make you look sallow.
  3. Style your hair to be low maintenance. You don’t want to risk errant hairs creating a distraction in your picture, so it’s best to keep it simple unless you plan on using an entire can of hair spray.
  4. Eliminate shine. Use a loose setting powder on your T-zone – I particularly like this one from Nars. If you are adverse to putting on more makeup than you absolutely have to, you can also use blotting sheets in a pinch.
  5. Create a shoulders-up slimming effect. You will probably be wearing either a professional lab coat or a blazer. Either way, select a style with vertical contoured lapels, which will give the illusion of slimming your frame.
  6. Keep your makeup neutral. Believe me, this is not the place to try out that trendy blue eyeshadow you were eyeing in Glamour. You will regret it.
  7. Showcase your personal style with accessories, but make sure they aren’t too distracting. For example, if you are wearing bold earrings then do not wear a necklace. Or if you are wearing a statement necklace, keep your earrings minimal or don’t wear any at all.

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