Petite Lab Coats

Petite Lab Coats

We have found great petite lab coats made by Medelita. Certain styles start with size 00 and designed for women 5’3″ and under. They fit amazingly well and have the correct proportions with flattering cut. Highly professional in appearance, huge difference compared to other brands. Ellody is probably best for clinicians and Elizabeth B looks like a perfect consultation coat around 28″ in length.

What about petite dentists ? There’s hope ! Medelita makes petite size lab coat “Elsie G” which is perfect for dentists as it has high collar, cuffed sleeves and snap closure.

The reviews on these products look amazing. Looks like their customers are real fans.

  • ” I suggest that you buy at least two, therefore if one gets dirty, then you are ready to go. I once spilled cherry yogert on my lab coat and it wiped right off with a small amount of water. I use my ipad every day at work and it is handy to have a pocket to keep it in. The fabric is durable and pretty. I have gotten alot of compliments on it.” – Sandra, NP
  • I am a female MD, and I am very petite (as in short, not skinny!). I have always had trouble finding a lab coat that is professional, stylish, feminine and actually fits! This coat is perfect for me! It is not too long, but long enough to be recognized as a “doctor’s coat”. The material is dense yet breathable. The construction and stitching are superb. I would absolutely recommend this coat to any female clinicians who are shorter then average and have had trouble in the past finding a coat to fit. Love it! – Amanda F.  MD


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