Ipad Lab Coats

iPad Lab Coats

There’s a national trend of going paperless in the medical offices and hospitals across the country. Luckily there are lab coat manufactures who recognize the need to accommodate doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who already useiPads and other tablets to keep medical records organized. Medelita was one of the first companies to see the opportunity and since they manufacture lab coats and scrubs themselves,  they were able to make quick adjustments in the designs and introduced iPad Lab Coats in a variety of styles for the physician lab coats and clinician lab coats. The best women’s ipad lab coat available on the market is Emma W. Stunning design, one could even say it’s a fashion lab coat. It features modern style, exquisite detailing, 100% cotton fabric, tailored fit and takes advantage of the latest advancement in repel and release nano-technology.

Reviews of Medelita iPad lab coats:

  • “The iPad with a cover fits in the pockets and I love this lab coat just like all my other Medelita coats. They are well worth the additional cost up front, because they have all lasted me 5 times as long as the cheaper white coats bought elsewhere along the years.” – Sam, Ph.D
  • Have never seen such a good quality female physician’s coat – 100% thick cotton that drapes well and won’t rip, finished seams, attractive buttons that have been sewn on securely, and a really nice fit. Thank you.
  • I liked how specific the sizing information was. My coat fits well and I get lots of compliments – I didn’t realize how dumpy regular lab coats made me look! The ipad sized pockets are really useful. The coat is very well made and finished. Worth every penny! -Amanda PA



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