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It’s All In The Details: Dobby Weave Lab Coat Fabric

Radically improving lab coats starts with dramatically improving the fabric, particularly the touch and feel, which has to do with both raw materials and weave. Not all fabrics are created equal, after all.

Lab coat innovator Medelita recently created their proprietary M3 fabric, which is made from the highest quality raw materials and has a signature diamond dobby weavewhich results in a beautiful subtle texture. 

What is a dobby weave?

Dobby weaves are limited to simple, small geometric patterns which are repeated frequently. This is a tedious process which took considerable time. Countless samples must be woven and tested, before being sewn into sample garments, all in an effort to make a fabric that is both comfortable and appealing to the eye. 

Dobby Weave

See the small diamond pattern in the fabric?

After multiple trials using different diamond scales, different yarn deniers, and different raw materials, the company finalized their classic diamond fabric weave many years ago. This design detail is just one of the many aspects of the M3 fabric that improve on the core attributes of any fabric: softness, comfort, durability and style. 

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