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At Medelita we take pride in the fact that we offer our customers the best quality lab coats available. The introduction of our durable, high performance M3 fabric has raised the bar even higher, revolutionizing the way medical professionals look at their workwear. These coats look impressive, resist stains, and are highly durable so that they will last longer than all your other lab coats.

We now offer all of your favorite lab coat styles in M3 fabric. We create each of our garments with the customer in mind – therefore, we’ll let our customers do the talking.


Estie M3 Classic Fit Lab Coat

estie copy


“This coat has a nice weight, doesn’t wrinkle, and looks clean-cut and attractive. I’ve had many compliments while wearing it…as well as a few envious looks. 🙂 Wish more hospitals were investing in quality coats and medical wear like this one.”

-Kanani T.


“This is – hands down – the most beautiful lab coat I have ever owned (and I have owned plenty!) Not only does it fit perfectly, but the quality of the material is unrivaled. I work at a major hospital (UCLA) and people stop me at least once a day when I wear this coat to ask where I got it from. It does not feel stifflike most lab coats and is form-fitting to flatter the figure. I had no idea what to expect when I received this product in the mail. To say I am pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I will *never* go back!”

-Misty R.


“After having so many ill-fitting choices during medical school and residency, it is so refreshing to have one that feels like it was made for me. Not only stylish, but it is also durable – the stain resistance factor allows longer wear and maintains its character far longer than a regular lab coat. I absolutely love it!”

-Lauren H.


Laennec M3 Classic Fit Lab Coat



“I judge my white coats based on five primary factors: Style/Fit, Comfort, Ease of Cleaning, Pockets, and Durability. The style of this white coat is impeccable. The notched lapel stays steady and in place,making you look sharp no matter how long you’ve been in the hospital. The fit is basically just like a Brooks Brothers’ blazer. Immediately upon wearing it there is a feeling of luxury. Soft, almost plush, andwarm but at the same time cooling. The material is shockingly resistant to becoming damp, in fact water just beads and runs right off it. For the cleaning you’d think with as nice as it is you’d have to dry clean, but no just throw it in the washer and it comes out great. Finally, the pockets are numerouswith dividers within for easy cell phone isolation and there are even side vents for access to pants pockets. I’ve only had the coat for a short time so I can’t comment on durability, but its impressed me enough that all I can hope is it lasts forever.”

-John L.


“The fit is great! M3 fabric is amazing! Very stain and water repellant. By far the best white coat I have ever worn. Worth the price.”

-Daniel M.


“I love the coat. Its very comfortable and fit. I live in Puerto Rico and the coat protects you from the coldof the hospital, but cool enough so it doesn’t suffocate you when going outside. Definitely buying another when the time is right.”

-Edgardo B.


M3 Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat

vera g copy


“I wear scrubs at work and they tend to be boxy and shapeless. I love that I can put this lab coat on over my scrubs and instantly look a little more tailored. I love the collar, shape, and fabric. It is the perfect lab coat and I intend to stock up in case they decide to stop producing it.”

-Heather K.


“I have literally every long coat that Medelita makes for women. The Vera G. is a combination of the best from every other lab coat. It is sleek, with a PERFECT collar that doesn’t get bunched up and my stethoscope doesn’t get caught on. The M3 fabric is sturdy but light and a nice bright white. HANDS DOWN my most favorite coat.”

-Tiffany S


E. Wilson M3 Slim Fit Lab Coat

e wilson


“Extremely high quality, easily washable, and stains are easily removed. Love these coats and scrubs.”

-Marquand P.


“Just awesome – nicely fitting, I feel motivated and inspired when I wear this coat!”

-Pedram J.


“Upon opening the package, I already felt the quality when I first touched the fabric. It was unlike any other lab coats I’ve had in my medical career. It consistently stood out and has garnered me compliments from nurses, colleagues, and attendings. This is definitely my new go-to brand for lab coats. Thank you Medelita!”

-Martin A.

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