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What Is The Meaning Behind The Colors You Wear?

Do you have one favorite color that you tend to gravitate toward? Do the colors in your outfit ever reflect a particular emotion you are feeling that day?

The emotion and science behind color has been researched for years, and most studies have found that color affects humans on a psychological level. The “Theory of Colours” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was not regarded as a highly scientific work, but it undoubtedly inspired the in-depth research on color theory that followed. Some of the basic colors and their meanings are the following:



It is hard not to exude confidence while wearing red, as it is a fiery and very powerful color. Determination, ambition, and passion are all traits that red can symbolize.



Think happy thoughts. Yellow is often regarded as a bright cheery color, and provokes thoughts of warmth. Yellow is also associated with intellect and nobility. Fun fact: Some cultures view the sun as symbolic to deities, making the color yellow the most highly regarded. This is why many palaces and royalty were commonly adorned in yellow.



You have probably heard the phrase “Go Green” at some point, and that is because the color often represents nature or sustainability. Wealth also comes to mind for obvious reasons, but this may stem from the colors traditional meaning that stemmed from wisdom.



True Blue. Blue is the most trustworthy of colors, embodying serenity and a sense of calm. Blue gives an overall impression of reliability and sincerity. Stress relief and relaxation are also characteristic of blue, so if you started to think of visiting a beach or tranquil spa while reading this, we won’t be upset.



Most often associated with purity and innocence. White represents perfection and the highest standard of cleanliness, while also giving others a sense of protection and hope. White coats are a representation of all these traits, and this serves as another reason why all doctors deserve to wear lab coat of high quality.   

The Best Performance Fabric For Medical Lab Coats

If you have never heard of the M3 fabric before, that is most likely because the revolutionary material is the first of its kind. After years of research to ensure that the fabric meets and exceeds the core needs of medical professionals, Medelita is proud to produce professional lab coats that are superior to any other brand in the medical apparel industry.

The extreme durability of M3 is one quality that sets it apart from other fabrics; the signature dobby weave consists of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic performance fibers, along with breathable cotton.  A fabric that is lightweight, soft, and wrinkle resistant is always desirable, however the M3 fabric also has properties that meet more than just wearability standards. Bacteriostatic technology combined with moisture wicking properties keeps the odor-resistant fabric fresh, and the wearer cool. C6 based PFOA-free repellence protection provides an environmentally friendly solution to durable repellency, while still keeping the fabric soft to the touch.

M3 also changes the way you launder for the better. Less energy and time is needed to launder the fabric, as it dries 4 times faster than cotton. In addition to being soil and stain resistant, M3 also uses a technology that allows stains to be more easily released during the washing process. Even though we have got you covered on stain removal, the bright white color of the fabric holds onto its integrity even after extensive wear.

The M3 fabric is meant to be durable, functional, and most importantly, comfortable. M3 was created from our continuous desire to provide our customers with the highest quality and best performing products possible.

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The Importance Of Female Lab Coats

If you were a female practicing medicine 8 years ago, getting dressed for work was probably not the most exciting task. No matter how greatly your patient workload may have varied, your choices of lab coats would have been very limited. Until recently, the only available lab coat styles were typically unisex and catered primarily toward the functional needs and measurements of men. For women in the medical field, this meant the only option was to wear a lab coat that hung like a smock.

Fast forward to today, when medical apparel companies such as Medelita are finally creating lab coats that fit the needs of the nearly 300,000 female doctors and thousands of women in related scientific fields. Now considerations such as height, body type, and personality are made during the design process. Some lab coats are even made according to specialty, such as a dentist or dental surgeon that needs a wider range of motion in their coat. Flattering silhouettes and new construction details have transformed the workwear wardrobe for women everywhere.

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