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This Game Changing Stethoscope Deserves A Spot On Medical Students’ Holiday Wish List.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started your holiday wish list of covetable finds and splurge items you’d like to see come the holidays. Making your holiday wish list is not only fun, it’s a practical timesaver that makes it incredibly simple for your friends, family, and loved ones to shop for your holiday presents.

If you’re a medical, nursing, or PA student you probably don’t have a ton of money to spend on splurge items, and practicality is key when deciding what items are worth a spot on your wish list.

ERKA stethoscopes definitely deserve your consideration if you are shopping for anyone in the medical field. We recently got up close and personal with a few of the ERKA models (check out our pictures below!) and a recent reviewer commended the high quality of these stethoscopes in a hospital setting:

“I got to work and took my new stethoscope! Quickly threw it around my neck, got my report and ran out to the floor. First patient had some diminished lung sounds and, boy, was I surprised that I could hear anything at all – TV in the room was loud and patient on the other bed was talking, but my new accessory apparently has unbelievable noise reduction qualities.

I listened to Wheezes, Ronchi and Crackles all day. While sometimes there are slight problems in distinguishing these lung sounds, it was not the case with ERKA stethoscope.”

You can read the rest of his review here.

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My day generally starts off with me reviewing my patient load for the day, combing through their charts, ultrasounds, lab results and past encounters and prepping the nurse I will be working with for what we have in front of us for the day. As a Nurse Practitioner I assess, diagnose and manage an array of acute and chronic health conditions. I find that when I look my best, I FEEL my best. A white lab coat is so much more than that once you’re in practice. It, like your outfit and demeanor speaks to who you are. Patients want to feel safe and cared for by someone they can trust. Pair your Rosalyn Slim Fit with a warm smile to convey “polished, inviting and knowledgeable.” (@givememoremonica) #NP #NursePractitioner #NPWeek

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Hi Medelita friends & fam and Happy #NPweek! I’m Monica (@givememoremonica) and I’ll be taking over Medelita’s Instagram today to show you all a day inside the life of a Nurse Practitioner (NP)! I’m currently working as an NP in an Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in Washington, DC. Prior to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. While I was sad to ditch my comfy scrubs for business casual wear, I found that wearing a lab coat I loved softened the blow! (@givememoremonica) #NP #NursePractitioner #LabCoat

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It’s common to work as a nurse while in nurse practitioner school! As a new graduate nurse it was a little difficult starting work as a nurse while beginning nurse practitioner school at the same time. Luckily all of the nurses on the unit I work at are very helpful and I’ve learned so much! It also helps to have really comfortable & functional gear. I wear my Ionic Scrub Jacket everyday to work to keep me warm and hold all of my tools. The pockets are huge and my favorite part of the jacket is the loop for my ID badge. It’s so flattering that I wear it even when I’m not at work! (@vythenp) #NPWeek #NPstudent #Scrubslife #medelita

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Nurse Practitioners assess, diagnose, treat, and perform procedures. This different from the role of a traditional bedside nurse. Transitioning into this new role is a lot easier if you have a white coat that makes you feel confident. ☝️👩🏻‍⚕️These big pockets are going to come in handy when I need to bring pocket medicine manuals to clinical rotations! (@vythenp) #NPWeek #NPstudent #Medelita #scrubslife

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I work the evening shift as a nurse so usually I don’t get out until around 12am. I’m not sleepy after work so I study and get a lot of school work done during this time and go to bed around 3am. This schedule has worked well for me so far; I guess you could say I’m a night owl.🌛📚🕛If you’re balancing work and school, it may be tough at first, but once you find a schedule that works for you, I promise you’ll succeed! It’s all about finding what works for you. This M3 Ellody white coat works really well for me, it was designed with petite females in mind. I’m 5’3” and the length is perfect! (@vythenp) #NPWeek #NPstudent #scrubslife #medelita

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