Cute Lab Coat For Women

My Favorite Lab Coat For Female Physicians, Nurses, and PAs

There are many lab coats today for women in medicine – a big change from the scant options available 8 years ago. It’s great for female healthcare professionals to have the option to choose a professional white lab coat that is figure-flattering and shows off your personal style.

There are classic options for women in medicine who prefer the more traditional look of a lab coat – no frills, just a high quality professional white coat, but for women. However I personally prefer a more modern style: the Vera G. lab coat from Medelita.

Flattering Feminine Lab Coat

The Vera G. has a modern style and is still professional.

Named for the first female surgeon in Russia, Vera Gedroiz, the Vera G. lab coat is exceptionally flattering for women with a lean, athletic figure. It is a slim-cut lab coat; the slim fit is great because it skims over your body without being clingy, tight, or uncomfortable. It’s just incredibly flattering and gives you more confidence while making your rounds, consulting with patients, or even just interacting with your colleagues at an event or medical conference.

What I love most about the Vera G. is the sleek construction. It features a beautiful envelope collar, a super professional and modern looking detail which I’ve hardly found on a blazer or suit jacket, much less a medical lab coat.

Envelope Collar on Lab Coat

Envelope Collar on Lab Coat

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Eco Friendly Fabric

No Surprise Here: Bamboo Is The Most Eco-Friendly Fabric In The World

Climate change is upon us, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to reduce our carbon footprint. Reusable shopping bags, not using disposable paper plates and cutlery, biking or walking short distances instead of driving – these are all great ways to be a little nicer to our earth.

But did you know you can also make an environmental difference with your clothing?

Cotton and other fabrics aren’t necessarily bad for the environment – they are biodegradable and will break down over time. But it turns out that clothing made of bamboo fabrics are actually the most environmentally friendly in the world. That’s because it’s generally grown with almost no chemical inputs (think pesticides).

Hemp, cotton, and silk are all also relatively eco-friendly since they are biodegradable and made of natural fibers as well. The main difference is that in some cases, there are more chemicals used to convert the raw material into fibers to crate fabric.

Why Buy Underscrubs

Underscrubs: What Are They And Why Should You Wear One

Underscrubs are the newest trend in medical apparel, adding one more necessity to the closet of any self respecting medical professional. But what are they, and why should you fork over your money for an underscrub shirt?

What are underscrubs?

Strictly speaking, any undershirt you wear underneath your scrubs – whether for comfort, style, or coverage – can be considered an underscrub. This can include regular undershirts, plan tee shirts, and so on.

But the best type of underscrubs, and the ones you should consider investing in, are made of high quality performance fabrics and are cut to fit close to the body without obstructing movement. This close fitting quality is what makes them optimal to wear underneath a scrubs top, while performance fabrics are usually designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry during even the most high-pressure situations.

Why buy an underscrub shirt?

Considering that you can just wear a plain old tee shirt under your scrubs, why would you ever consider spending money on a shirt just because it’s marketed as an “underscrub”?

Well, the fact is that not all undershirts are created equal. In this case, it’s more than a marketing gimmick because as mentioned above, these shirts are designed specifically to give you full range of movement and still look flattering when they peek out from under your scrubs.

Furthermore, shirts designed as underscrubs should be made with the same kinds of performance fabrics as you see with athletic wear. This will extend the life of your garment, and it really gives the shirt a purpose past just giving you coverage. A regular cotton tee will quickly absorb moisture from sweat in one place and give you sweat stains, as well as being uncomfortably damp in patches, while an underscrub shirt won’t have this problem.

An underscrub shirt is also designed to transition comfortably from the cold hallways of the hospital to a warm day outside with making you heat up, and vise versa. They’re simply more versatile and serve many more purposes than just keeping you covered, they really do keep you more comfortable in many ways throughout your day.

The best part of underscrub shirts is that they are incredibly versatile! This isn’t a piece of clothing that you can only ever wear while you’re working – on the contrary, since they’re made with performance fabrics in an ergonomic design, you can also wear them while working out, running errands, or doing chores – it’s an addition to your entire wardrobe!

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Shop Fitted Lab Coats

Fitted Lab Coats: What To Look For

Many doctors and medical professionals these days are turning their backs to the standard-issue one-size-fits-all unisex lab coats of the past, instead opting for styled, tailored, high quality white coats that speak to their high levels of professionalism. Choosing a lab coat that fits you well and looks sharp and polished is always a good move for a physician who is upgrading their professional appearance.

Because like it or not, the way you visually present yourself to the world does matter. It doesn’t make you vain or frivolous, it makes you smart. Studies have shown that patients definitely do notice what their physicians wear, and doctors who wear professional-looking white lab coats frequently cite higher patient satisfaction scores.

Men's Fitted Lab Coat

So if you’re shopping for your first professional, fitted white lab coat, here are some guidelines so you know what to look for:


A high quality lab coat starts with the raw materials. If the fabric used to make it is poor quality, chances are the construction of the coat will be as well, and it is likely that the lab coat won’t make it past a few washes in the laundry before falling apart at the seams.

Look for performance fabrics that breathe and repel stains, with a bright white finish.

Fit and Design

This is probably common sense, but a unisex lab coat is not going to look good on anyone. The brand of fitted lab coat that you find should have separate styles available for men and women, because there are definite differences in proportion and design between the two sexes. The more styles there are available for either gender, the better, because you can bet that a lab coat company with many different styles is putting a heck of a lot of thought into every new style they introduce.


Small, medium, and large might suffice for scrubs sizes, but if you can, try to find a brand of lab coats that offers blazer-style sizing. If you want your fitted lab coat to fit like a nice suit or jacket, you need this level of detail to sizes so that you look as professional as possible.

This fitted lab coats company offers men’s lab coats in blazer sizes (38, 40, 42, etc) and women’s lab coats in dress sizes (0, 2, 4, etc)

Slim Fit or Classic Fit?

This depends on your personal style. A company that offers these options is going to be paying a lot of attention to how their designs fit the wearer, so you can’t go wrong either way if you’re looking for a fitted lab coat. Generally, slim fit tends to be more contemporary looking while classic fit is a bit more traditional and not quite as close fitting to the body.

Women's Fitted Lab Coat